Upgrade your camping with the T@G Sofitel Package

The Sofitel package is available in the T@G and T@G XL. Regarded as the ultimate luxury package, the Sofitel is made for those that want to camp as comfortably and glamorously as possible. Coated in a silver metallic paint with custom alloy wheels and decals, your T@G will surely turn heads on the road. Head on over to the back of the trailer to find your exterior galley – complete with rich counter tops and appliances.

Need to call it a day and go inside? The interior of the T@G Sofitel features a beautiful birch ceiling, and a faux-leather bed that rests on the FROLI Sleep System. If you’re looking for a small, lightweight trailer, and want to camp luxuriously, the T@G Sofitel is your answer.

Full List of features for the Sofitel Package:

  • Upscale Cabinetry and Hardware
  • Luxurious Faux Leather Interior
  • Modern Silver Interior Walls
  • Uniquely Plush Headboard
  • FROLI Sleep System
  • Birch Ceiling
  • White Counter Tops
  • Polished Aluminum Sidewalls
  • Custom Alloy Wheels
  • Specialized Signature Decals

*Please Note: The Sofitel Package does not affect the specifications of the T@G or T@G XL.