See the Country in Your T@G Teardrop Trailer

Pleasant Valley Teardrop Trailers, the parent company of nüCamp RV, has been building teardrop trailers for about a decade now. While a lot has changed since teardrop trailers were introduced onto the American market, improvements in materials and technology over the past several years have elevated the state of the art in teardrop trailer design. nüCamp RV has driven much of this innovation by selecting lightweight, innovative components and incorporating those components in new and unique ways into the designs of its teardrop trailers.

The T@G Teardrop Trailer represents the highest quality teardrop trailer available on the North American RV market. These little bundles of fun can be towed by virtually any vehicle with a hitch, making them ideal for folks with smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles. But don't think that a small platform like the T@G Teardrop Trailer means scaled-back fun! No way! We know of several "full-timers" who travel the country with the T@G on a full-time basis. The T@G Teardrop Trailer is an economical, feature-rich teardrop trailer that has become a favorite with customers throughout North America.

All T@G Teardrop Trailers are born in Sugarcreek, Ohio in the heart of Ohio's Amish Country. Each trailer is fabricated by dedicated and skilled craftsmen and women who care deeply about the quality of their work, which is why nüCamp RV is so careful to select only the highest quality parts and components. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are evident at first glance. You can't hide poor quality for long, though the recreational vehicle industry is littered with the remains of companies who have tried (and failed).

nüCamp RV believes that every customer should be treated in the way that we would all like to be treated. The dedicated craftsmen and women at nüCamp RV expect to receive high quality products for their hard-earned money, and that is precisely what they strive to give each and every customer. No shortcuts, and no half-measures. That's why nüCamp RV offers an open invitation to anyone--including competitors--to visit its factory in Sugarcreek, Ohio. There's no secret to building a world class product like the T@G Teardrop Trailer. But doing it day-in and day-out--well, that requires some serious dedication!